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12/02/2023 - 07:43
Regulations would cut equivalent of 1.5bn metric tonnes of carbon dioxide by 2038, head of EPA says at Cop28 Cop28 live – latest updates The United States has announced a major crackdown on methane emissions as part of a new effort by several countries at the Cop28 summit to curb the “super pollutant” that is responsible for turbocharging the climate crisis. The US has used the climate conference, which is administered by the UN and being held in Dubai, to unveil new regulations it estimates will cut methane emissions from its vast oil and gas industry by 80% from levels that would be expected without the rule, a total of 58m tonnes by 2038. Continue reading...
12/02/2023 - 07:00
Brazilian president’s plans to approve new fossil fuel projects sit awkwardly with pledge to meet 1.5C target The Brazilian president, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, has roared into Cop28 with a mega-delegation of more than 2,000 people and grand ambitions to address inequality and protect the world’s tropical forests. Lula, as he is known, said his country was leading by example: “We have adjusted our climate goals, which are now more ambitious than those of many developed countries. We have drastically reduced deforestation in the Amazon and will bring it to zero by 2030,” he said. Continue reading...
12/02/2023 - 06:33
Colombian president Gustavo Petro wants treaty to lay out plan to end era of coal, oil and gas Cop28 live – latest updates Colombia has formally joined an alliance of nations calling for a fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty to prevent the “omnicide of planet Earth”, the country’s president announced at Cop28. At the climate summit in Dubai, Gustavo Petro has said his country would join a group of nations calling for a new body to manage a global transition away from the primary driver of global heating, akin to previous treaties to reduce nuclear weapon arsenals and landmines. Cop28: Can fossil fuel companies transition to clean energy?On Tuesday 5 December, 8pm-9.15pm GMT, join Damian Carrington, Christiana Figueres, Tessa Khan and Mike Coffin for a livestreamed discussion on whether fossil fuel companies can transition to clean energy. Book tickets here or at Continue reading...
12/02/2023 - 05:43
World’s chief energy adviser Fatih Birol says fossil fuel use will peak in 2030, and urges fossil fuel companies to lead switch to green energy Oil and gas producers must convert their operations to renewable energy or face steep economic decline, the world’s chief energy adviser has warned amid the forging of a new alliance of energy companies at the UN Cop28 climate summit. Fatih Birol, executive director of the International Energy Agency, said: “We have to find a way to reduce fossil fuel consumption, and as such there is an important role that the oil and gas industry can play. I very much hope that they can show in Dubai that they can be part of the solution when it comes to tackling climate change.” Continue reading...
12/02/2023 - 05:00
World’s militaries produce at least 5.5% of emissions, as evidence mounts that climate crisis puts regions at greater risk of war Wealthy nations should divert 5% of their military budgets to climate finance, advocates argue. The call comes as global leaders at Cop28 in Dubai gather for a special-themed day on “relief, recovery, and peace” on Sunday, marking the first time climate-fueled conflict has ever been on an international climate conference agenda. Continue reading...
12/02/2023 - 01:33
This live blog is now closed, you can read more of our Cop28 coverage here For the first time at a Cop the UNFCCC, which organises the summits, has published the full list of participants in spreadsheet format, making them far easier to analyse. Carbon Brief have looked at the provisional figures, and found that 84,101 people are registered to attend, 3,074 of whom are attending virtually. Continue reading...
11/30/2023 - 21:00
In another first, this month’s episode of The Ocean Decade Show comes to you from on board the R/V Falkor as it’s undertaking an ultra fine-scale seafloor mapping expedition in the hydrothermal vent fields of the Eastern Galapágos Spreading Center. One of the members of this groundbreaking (or should we say, ground-mapping!) team is Dr. Cherisse Du Preez, a deep-sea explorer and marine biologist who works for Fisheries and Oceans Canada. Dr. Du Preez has been part of several endorsed UN Ocean Decade Actions and during this episode, we’ll dig into her penchant for exploration, the importance of working alongside Canadian First Nations tribal nations for her work, and the broader role Canada has been playing to ensure a successful Ocean Decade. 
11/29/2023 - 21:00
In the month's episode of the American Blue Economy Podcast, our host Rear Admiral, Tim Gallaudet, PhD, US Navy (ret) catches a wave while discussing the contributions to the American Blue Economy. He is joined by big wave and professional surfing legend Ian “Kanga” Cairns, instructor in the Environmental Sciences Graduate Program at Oregon State University, Dr. Neeraja Havaligi, and owner and lead forecaster for the nearshore wave & weather forecasting company, Charlie Fox. This diverse group will explore surfing contests, the travel industry's support to surf destination tourism, surfers as conservationists, and how the science of wave and weather prediction supports professional and amateur surfers all across America. Be sure to drop in to this show if you want to experience an epic ride!
11/28/2023 - 21:00
Joining host Helen Brohl is Tom Hultquist, the Science and Operations Officer for the National Weather Service in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  On November 10, 1975 during a severe storm, the Great Lakes bulk cargo vessel SS Edmund Fitzgerald sank with the loss of all 29 crew members in eastern Lake Superior about 17 miles from the entrance to Whitefish Bay, Michigan. The vessel sank quickly without sending a distress signal and, as we all know, the tragedy inspired Gordon Lightfoot to write his famous song. Was it the "perfect storm" or a typical "Gale of November?"  What did Tom and his colleagues learn when they used modern technology to analyze the more limited meteorological data from 1975?
11/27/2023 - 00:00
npj Ocean Sustainability, Published online: 27 November 2023; doi:10.1038/s44183-023-00029-3 Towards a global strategy for the conservation of deep-sea active hydrothermal vents