The Arctic


Over the past few decades, the earth has experienced an increase in average temperature. While scientists and others debate the cause or whether or not this is a natural or man-made phenomenon, there are nonetheless serious evident consequences that must be understood and addressed. Nowhere is the situation more evident than in the Arctic and Antarctic ice caps where glacial melt, resultant habitat modification, and other consequences are being explored by scientists and research organizations and studied by international policy-makers concerned about the implications of these changes for the future.

Present Situation

  Cryopolitics: Arctic News and Analysis:
A blog for all things Arctic by Mia Bennett

Centre for Ice and Climate


Antarctica, the Southern Ocean and Climate Change


British Antarctic Survey


Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Program


The Arctic Institute


White House Call-to-Action & Arctic Science Ministerial


AESC (Arctic Executive Steering Committee, Executive Office of the President of the U.S.)


Arctic Council


Polar Information Commons


International Polar Year

  Ice Wisdom International
  Ocean Leadership Arctic Science Forum

Teaching Resources

  Hearts in the Ice: A Citizen Science Initiative in the High North

Graphing the Extent of Sea Ice: Arctic & Antarctic


Melting Ice: Lesson Plan for Grades 6-12


Biomes: Wild Arctic Teachers’ Guide [pdf] Grades 6-8


Teacher’s Guide For Glaciers and Ice Caps – The Melting (For grade 7 – College)


PolarTrec Learning Resources


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PBS Learning Media | Compare the Poles


Windows to the Universe: National Earth Science Teachers Assoc. (grades 5-12)

  Vanishing Point: A feature documentary on social and environmental change in the Arctic

Conferences and Summits


The Arctic Council


Whitehouse Arctic Science Ministerial


Arctic Science Summit Week


Arctic Energy Summit


Arctic Circle


UArctic Conference on Arctic Heritage and Tourism

Polar Ice Data & Climate Change

Ocean Today Research: Happening Now: Arctic Sea Ice


National Snow & Ice Data Center: Arctic Sea Ice News & Analysis (infographic)


Antarctic Geological Drilling

Polar Food Webs

Project Parka (teaching resource)


COSEE NOW | Project Converge (teaching resource)


Ocean Today | Animals of the Ice