Offset Your Carbon Footprint

June 2018

W2O has embarked on a new partnership with UCapture, a new green-tech platform, and South Pole, a carbon offset company, to reduce consumers' environmental impact when they shop. 

We're asking you to take part.  Signing up is easy, it doesn’t cost you a thing, and it’s making a difference — by reducing your carbon footprint through our featured carbon offset project, and by helping to fund our W2O sustainability initiatives.

UCapture funds verified carbon offsets projects such as our featured project, a reforestation and watershed protection initiative in the Andes, at no cost to you when you shop with more than 4,000 online affiliates. UCapture’s partner websites donate a portion of your spending to support carbon offset initiatives, at no extra cost to consumers. UCapture dedicates a portion of the funds it receives to World Ocean Observatory, for our help in growing their green-tech platform.

This simple initiative will instantly make your consumer activity more environmentally friendly while helping to support the long-term objectives of our ocean clean-up sustainability initiatives.

•    Become a more sustainable consumer
•    Reduce the environmental impact of your purchases
•    Support W2O ocean clean-up sustainability programs
•    Support Watershed Protection in the Andes
      (read more about our featured carbon offset project)

If you're already shopping online, for clothing, travel, electronics or anything else, why not offset some carbon too?  It's fun, it's easy, and it's free!

•    Create a free account here:
•    Install the UCapture Extension on your Chrome browser
•    Shop with any of 4,000+ partners (the Extension will activate automatically: it’s super simple)

This is an exciting new project for the W2O and we appreciate your participation. Please provide us with some feedback and let us know how it's working.

•    World Ocean Radio: Carbon Offsets for a Sustainable Future
•    Read about carbon offsets on the World Ocean Forum blog