Ocean Advocacy

There are myriad ways to be an advocate for the ocean. Ocean advocates use innovation, creativity, sharing of resources and their own relationships with and feelings for the ocean to translate the message to others. W2O advocates for the ocean through an accessible worldwide network of communication. Through education, partnership, information exchange, public connection, and relentless communications, W2O is committed to building an expansive global community of Citizens of the Ocean to promote and conserve marine resources for the future of all mankind. Through independent, responsible, apolitical science, W2O is dedicated to advancing public understanding of ocean issues through institutional collaboration and partnerships,  pro-active programs, and connection with individual subscribers around the world.

If you are looking for ways that you might advocate for the ocean, we have a number of resources to help:

> What Can I Do?

> Take the Citizens of the Ocean Pledge

> Get inspired by Lighthouse Projects around the world