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Welcome to OUR OCEAN SPACE, a web-based network for exchange of projects, art, audio-visual presentations, and other imaginative formats, created and uploaded by young Citizens of the Ocean to share with their counterparts worldwide. Teachers and students are invited to share their ocean-related projects with other classrooms, linking together young people through their understanding and interpretation of ocean systems.
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Research, Water Quality
Deep Creek Middle School and Blue Hill Consolidated School
Eleuthera, Bahamas and Blue Hill, Maine
Abby Ramnarine from Deep Middle School in Eleuthera, Bahamas and Erin Dooley from Blue Hill Consolidated School in Blue Hill, Maine both studied water quality in their small, coastal towns. Although these students live nearly 1,500 miles apart, their findings were remarkably similar. Both students tested water for coliform bacteria, dissolved oxygen, biochemical oxygen demand, nitrate, pH, phosphate, salinity and turbidity. Their results indicated good water quality at both locations.
Water Quality
Blue Hill Consolidated School
Blue Hill, Maine
Molly Jennings, Grade 8
During April and May of 2018, the 8th graders of BHCS tested the water quality of three different sites on the Bagaduce Watershed in downeast Maine. On April 30 the class tested the water of Snow Natural Area. On May 1 they visited Ferry Landing and on May 9 they water tested at Sherm Perkins Memorial Park. At each of these sites they conducted 8 different water tests: temperature; dissolved oxygen; coliform bacteria; biochemical oxygen demand; pH; turbidity; phosphate; and nitrate.
Micro Organisms
Blue Hill Consolidated School
Blue Hill, Maine
Cells are the building blocks of all living things. This short study outlines the basis of cells, the purpose of chromosomes, DNA, the osmosis that occurs in cells, and the differences between eukaryotes and prokaryotes. 
Micro Organisms, Pollution, Water Quality
Animo High School, Lennox, California; Wakasa High School, Obama City, Japan
Los Angeles, California and Obama City, Japan
grades 9-12; ages 14-18
The purpose of the microplastics collaboration between high school students in Japan and the United States is to collect current data on microplastics in surrounding waterways, ocean and beaches. This includes areas surrounding Los Angeles. To present the findings at science conferences and students, science fairs, and propose solutions.
Water Quality
Blue Hill Consolidated
Blue Hill, Maine
7th and 8th
Did you know that Earth’s oceans are becoming more acidic? Students at Blue Hill Consolidated School in Blue Hill, Maine have been exploring this topic with their science teacher, Nell Herrmann.
Marine Life, Oceanography
Animo Leadership HS
Los Angeles, CA
Marine Biology/Science/Oceanography and Evolution Resources 1. Castro & Huber “Marine Biology” textbook-linked materials and PowerPoints, labs, games, readings, student work, assessments; a 1 year course for advanced HS students (seniors) & college students.
The Academic Advisors
Pune, Maharashtra State, India
5th grade to 9th grade
The SagarMitra Abhiyaan now has 82,000 school students who keep aside home plastic wastes in a Sagar-Mitra (Ocean-Friend) bag and fetch it to school once every month. From here it is collected and sent for recycling. 2011-12 we had 150 students as volunteers. 2012-2013 we had 10,000 students as Sagar Mitras. 2013-2014 we had 61,000 students as Sagar Mitras (Ocean-Friends). 2014-2015 we now have 82,000 school students and will target for 1,00,000 student members by end of March 2015. Each...
Marine Life, Research, Other
Art Dreams Inc
PO Box 306, High Falls NY 12440
What’s 26,000 miles long, weighs 237,000 pounds, is totally invisible to man, and yet more permanent than the Great Wall of China? The Tethys Project.
Marine Life
Captain Dolfie
South Africa
Up to 12 years of age
The environment and our planet’s fragile eco-system, is continually under attack from man. The world is presently experiencing considerable changes in climatic behavior and yet there seems no end to the route of destruction that man has chosen. Of great concern is the continual exploitation and pollution of our oceans- attributed directly to Man’s ignorance of the oceans! We have more knowledge about outer space than our oceans!
Marine Life
Ocean and You
Oakland, CA
OCEAN and YOU provides models of 100 or so different marine animals, & coloring sheets to match. There are many examples here of youngsters' creative imaginations at work. The last two slides of this ppt include two fun marine collage ideas for K-4 students.