Water is Life

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  • How important is access to clean water? Just ask the residents of Flint, Michigan. Or the people of Cochabamba, Bolivia. Or Syria, the West Bank, Brazil, or countless other countries and communities where people are struggling with supply, access, contamination, and uncertainty. ‪‎Water‬ is THE global issue of our time. In this one hour lecture broadcast by Alternative Radio, Peter Neill of the World Ocean Observatory and author of THE ONCE AND FUTURE OCEAN speaks about why the ‪‎ocean‬ matters and what it has to do with our fresh water future.

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Water is Life: Peter Neill on Alternative Radio
with David Barsamian
Recorded in Eugene, Oregon on March 03, 2016

In Cochabamba, Bolivia people rose up against the privatization of water. They marched and chanted El Agua es Vida, Water is Life. They drove Bechtel, the U.S. corporate behemoth out of Cochabama. How important is clean water? Just ask the residents of Flint, Michigan. Water is a huge issue. We expect it to flow when we open the faucet. Long showers, green lawns and swimming pools are considered almost a birthright. But with hotter global temperatures more and more parts of the world are water stressed. One of the triggers of the uprising in Syria was a prolonged drought. Israel has been using the aquifer in the occupied West Bank leaving Palestinians with very little thus exacerbating tensions and conflict. In Bangladesh, desperate people have dug so deep for water that it is contaminated with arsenic resulting in the largest mass poisoning in history.